Webtron formerly known as Sonic Productions, is a leading provider of Custom Web Design & Web hosting in South Africa.
The company was FOUNDED in 1999 as demand grew over time the company started to grow as well.
Since then, Webtron has grown from a small sideline entity into a well-known competitive brand.

Webtron has never advertised on any print media of any kind and only gets customers through social networking and word of mouth…
Our Service offerings has grown from basic website design into complete custom enterprise solutions, we adjust to different client requirements and assist them all the way. Our flexibility gives you the freedom to think up anything, and we turn that idea into something tangible.
Our Process is very simple and easy…there is no hidden costs, contracts, no fine print…just honest business the way you like it.

Our Mission & Our Goals are the same – Bring down the costs and Bring up the service levels

@ Webtron we assist and educate our clients so that they can manage their own websites along with the hosting, thereby cutting out any middleman costs !
As a technology and product innovator, Webtron is able to provide its customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses.
Webtron serves customers ranging from individuals to Corporate clients throughout Southern Africa and also the world.


Webtron has signed up with “softlayer“. One of the biggest datacentres in the world….fully managed. As we all would like it to be…

 maiden datacenter

Through IPMI 2.0 server technologies, secure and remote out-of-band management, and proprietary automated solutions, SoftLayer provides a highly scalable, data center experience.

Geographic Diversity

With fully-featured data centers in Amsterdam, Seattle, Singapore, Dallas, and Washington D.C., SoftLayer provides geographic diversity ideal for maintaining system and data redundancy, as well as for placing systems in the optimal physical location for traffic volume and speeds.

Redundant, Best-in-Class Infrastructure

All SoftLayer data centers maintain multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators, and battery backup. They are built from industry-leading hardware and equipment, ensuring the highest level of performance, reliability, and interoperability.

Backup In South Africa – We have our own local servers syncronizing with the ones abroad…So all the websites and data are at multiple locations locally and worldwide!

The Internet is the most common used medium of marketing in the world,why not join us and see what a difference technology can make to your company!
Webtron South Africa is not associated with any other company with the same name.