Privacy Policy

1. Webtron will protect the confidentiality of its subscribers’ information, and use its subscribers’ information only for the purpose permitted or required.
2. Webtron will only release its subscriber’s information to a third party under the following circumstances:
2.1 when directed by the written instruction of the subscriber or prospective subscriber;
2.2 when directed by an order of Court;
2.3 to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa for the purpose of compiling, verifying or auditing any reports, accounts or other information required under Webtron’s licence or in terms of the Electronic Communications Act, 2005 and the regulations made pursuant to that Act;
2.4 where it is necessary to properly deal with and comply with any legislative enactment or regulation in respect of any complaint lodged in terms of Webtron’s complaints handling procedure;
2.5 during the process of debt collection;
2.6 to Webtron’s attorneys in connection with any potential, threatened or actual litigation;
2.7 to Webtron’s auditors for the purpose of auditing their accounts;
2.8 to companies that provide services to us or act on our behalf. These companies are limited in their ability to use information they receive in the course of providing services to us or you; and
2.9 in terms of any applicable law.
3. Please take note of the following:
3.1 You can browse sites without telling us who you are, or revealing any of your personal information. We do track the Internet address of the domains of visitors and analyse such for trends and statistics. The individual user remains anonymous.

3.2 Some of our web pages utilise “cookies” so that we can provide you with more tailored information when you return to our site. “Cookies” are used to enhance your interactive experience and generally improve the service which we offer you. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, to decide whether or not to accept it.
3.3 We store the information you supply to us to personalise your use of our services. You may update personal information at any time by using the personalise function.
3.4 We may from time to time disclose aggregate information to third parties to identify the user population in general terms, e.g. 52% males visit a particular site. Your identity and/or personal information will under no circumstances be disclosed.
3.5 We are not responsible for the privacy practices of or the content on sites linking out of the Webtron network. You agree to exclude Webtron from any liability arising from your access to sites other than those on the Webtron network.